Country Rooms

Spaces for Countries to showcase their energy and transportation supply chains and connect their industry with new business partners and governments from around the world.

Spaces for Businesses to hold B2B and G2B meetings and facilitate partnerships to address supply chain gaps. 

* Does not include furniture and catering. Partners are invited to work with our vendors directly for catering needs and to customize your space. All additional costs are to be determined by vendors according to requirements and specifications.

** SAFE shall not function directly or indirectly in any capacity that would require SAFE to register as an agent of a foreign principal in the United States pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (“FARA”).

Cost: $50,000*

• Branded country room.

• Space for high-level B2B, G2B, and G2G meetings.

• Tickets for 4 CEOs or Government Leaders to attend the Summit and the VIP dinner preceding the Summit. (Additional tickets may be purchased as required.)

• An invitation to the Ambassador or Charge D’affaires to the VIP dinner on the evening preceding the Summit.

• 10’x10’ industry display space ($10,000 additional/company, up to 4 companies).