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SAFE Summit 2024 Conference Program
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SAFE Summit 2024 Conference Themes

The 2024 SAFE Summit provides an opportunity for the global community of energy, transportation, and supply chain leaders to encounter cutting edge ideas, discover new ways of thinking, and to network with other professionals working towards the same goal of shaping policies that advance the economic and national security of the United States, its partners, and allies.

Examining how geopolitical power dynamics are shifting, the 2024 SAFE Summit offers a compelling strategy—a systems approach to addressing energy security, climate change, supply chain deficiencies, a dwindling industrial base, and growing geopolitical tension—to reconfigure the foundational pieces that will enable a new global economy to thrive. The four themes of this year’s event center on the following:

Opportunities for the strategic implementation of current legislation to enhance the security of supply chains for minerals, materials, and the requisite energy needed for reindustrialization.

Promising innovations in the space that could fill industry gaps with more investment and global partnership.

Real-world challenges and opportunities for EV transition and deployment in the United States and allied and friendly countries.

The future of transportation—including advances in data analytics, AI, and shared, connected, and autonomous vehicles—and its potential to provide benefits for climate, equity, and resiliency.


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