Thank you for making the SAFE Summit a success!

Exceeding expectations, 600 attendees recently participated in the inaugural SAFE Summit, presented by SAFE and the Electrification Coalition, on March 28–29, 2023. The Summit kicked off Tuesday morning with The White House’s John Podesta and closed out Wednesday afternoon with a fiery retort from U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.

Over the two days, we heard from dozens of business, government, and non-profit leaders worldwide who will drive the global energy and transportation revolution. Speakers included executives at the highest ranks of companies producing the critical minerals, processing the materials, building the batteries, assembling and selling the vehicles, and strengthening the infrastructure that will accelerate transportation electrification.

The newsworthy speakers at the SAFE Summit attracted significant media attention, being covered by The Washington Post, Reuters, Politico, Bloomberg, Axios, and other major outlets.

This video includes some of the highlights from the two days. We hope to see you at the second annual SAFE Summit next spring in Washington, DC!



SAFE unites prominent military and business leaders to develop and advocate for policies that improve America’s energy security by significantly curtailing our dependence on oil and promoting responsible use of our domestic energy resources. SAFE relies on the knowledge and experience of four-star retired military officers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and its expert staff to produce high-quality, fact based analysis and policy recommendations for lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and the public.

Armed with a deep understanding of the issues, SAFE leads the conversation on energy and transportation policy with the goal of bolstering America’s economic and national security. Agile and multidisciplinary, SAFE maintains a strategic ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving energy and transportation landscape with real-time, up-to-date analysis and recommendations.

The Electrification Coalition develops and implements a broad set of strategies to facilitate widespread adoption of electric vehicles. These strategies include policy development, advocacy campaigns, consumer education, fleet electrification, cultivation of bipartisan support, community electrification planning, EV supply chain development, and coalition building.

We’re working to electrify the way we move through projects and programs like the American Cities Climate Challenge, State EV Policy Accelerator, Electrification Coalition Business Council, Freight Electrification Project, and Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative.

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